SunFest 2014, Day 5: Dropkick Murphys, Blues Traveler, Streetlight Manifesto

Ian Witlen

West Palm Beach's massive five-day, totally diverse music blowout, SunFest, is prime time for the voyeuristic hobby known as people-watching. It is especially entertaining during the daylight hours when heavy drinking is involved.

Sunday at the waterfront provided the perfect scene for peeping the folks of SunFest with plenty of packed beer tents posted under a clear blue sky. We spoke with fans at a few of the early shows to get a vibe for the fest, including Streetlight Manifesto, Blues Traveler, and Dropkick Murphys.

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Ian Witlen

Streetlight Manifesto livened up the Ford stage with their energetic ska as the smell of ganja filled the air. With the exception of a sort of mosh pit up-front, the crowd had a very chill, surfer-type vibe. Teens and those in their early 20s included old and new fans.

"I'm here for the show, but I have no idea who they are," said concertgoer Denise. "He loves them," she said, motioning to her boyfriend. Brian, who explained, "They were originally Catch 22. I love all their songs. They have an original ska sound."

Ian Witlen

Another crowd member we interviewed named Jennifer said that she never "got into them but will now download their music." Among all the newbies and Brian, we also met die-hard fan Jeffrey. "They're fucking awesome," he said excitedly. They have a great variety of music." When asked if the concert was living up to his expectations, he gushed, "Oh, it's more than that." It didn't surprise us when we saw Jeffrey run up to join the wannabe mosh pit with a giant grin on his face during "A Better Place, a Better Time."

Ian Witlen

Next, we moseyed on over to Blues Traveler. Here, the crowd was older and more composed, with not a pit in sight. The band exerted a certain degree of class with John Popper's extended harmonica intro and strut onto the stage.

The folks in this crowd clearly wanted a more mellow vibe. "Blues Traveler play a lot of variety in their music. They're more chill and more laid-back for a Sunday funday," stated one girl.

For some, it was purely nostalgic. Kevin, an older gentlemen we interviewed, listened to them in college and says the music "brings back good memories" (Funny, our college music was more of the 2 Live Crew caliber). He also added in regard to their live performances, "They're great; they usually are." Based on an especially kickass rendition of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," there's no denying that assessment.

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