Strutter USA's Rob Budowsky Brings Rock and Roll to Hollywood

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Do you ever think you'd open your own venue?
The idea has been thrown around. I haven't had any serious conversations with them, but I've talked to Nicky [Bowe] and I've spoken to Rat [Bastard] and it is something that I seriously plan to pursue to look to try to put investors together. I have friends in New York and a lot of shit gets done that way there, where somebody will bring up a bar and there are a couple of big money guys, but then there are a couple of smaller investors, a handful in addition to the main investors, but I think that's the kind of group I would have to put together and I think a lot of people have confidence in Nicky and Rat to do it. They know how to do it, they totally know how to do it. It could be a viable investment.

Dave Daniels made it work for 35 years and he did fine. It doesn't have to be a huge home run in terms of an investment, but I think it is something that could give you a return on your money, and that's all that anybody asks for! Here's the money, don't lose it, you know?

It could also make you the Duke of Lemon City!

How did the Bleached gig come about?
I'm a big fan, and they happen to be an accounting and tax client of mine, so that was the icebreaker. So I'm close with those people. They've never played Florida, and I was kind of looking at my wish list of bands and of all of a sudden I had an epiphany and a lightbulb went off and I literally picked up the phone and called their manager and he was like "Right away! Sounds good! I'll call you back." And it happened that fast. So, it was super easy and it happened super fast, so it's very exciting.

This is your first foray into booking at the Hollywood Arts Park?
Yep, totally! Hopefully people will turn out and the city will have Strutter back, and we'll be able to do another one. There are plenty of really good options out there. I don't like to talk about things that aren't done deals, but there are bands that we're already talking to that would be great down here. So, this is the first of what could be an awesome thing and it would be great if people made it out!

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