Rodney Mayo on the Short Life of Dubliner in Fort Lauderdale

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How about the Vagabond closing, it had a good run.
Yes, it was a great run. Here we also had a good offer, and I have four other projects in the works so it seemed right. Plus I want to concentrate on opening more Subculture coffee shops. It seemed like the timing was right. I was pretty over the drive to Miami!

Respectable Street it was not, why do you think?
There can only be one Respectable Street!

Is your group just dropping deadweight?
We are narrowing our focus a little.

Did these two sales have anything to do with each other?
It's completely coincidental.

What are the other projects you have in motion?
Camelot is opening in four weeks in West Palm Beach. We have the Shaker and Pie, a new concept in Mizner Park. The new Lost Weekend on the 500 block and the Lounge is coming back also the 500 block. We are also on the lookout for more coffee shop locations.

And finally, how are things going with your label, Decades Records?
We have our first showcase in three weeks at Respecs. Things seem to be going well. Not sure which is a crazier or harder business, publishing a magazine, running a label, restaurant or nightclub? I'll have to get back to you on that one.

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Richard Jones
Richard Jones

The "people want cheap" is a cop-out; the few times I went in there the service was lacking and the food was mediocre. I don't mind paying if there is something special for the premium. I may have also picked a different area where you couldn't hit another Irish bar with a stone and another a 5 minute walk away.


I wonder what will happen to the tilted kilt once it opens downtown?

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