Neon Trees' Tyler Glenn: "Everyone Can Live How They Want to Live"

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The Rolling Stone story focused on what you were going through before you came out. Can you tell us about the reaction of your hometown once that news became public?
I got a lot of great respect and great feedback from people locally. That was the group of people that I was the most interested in how they would react. I wasn't worried or anxious, but I was definitely interested in which direction it would go. In Provo and the surrounding cities, it is very conservative and, for lack of a better word, whitewashed.

At the same time, there is culture. I think there is lot more culture than people realize. I think there was an air of people being refreshed that I was open and honest, talking about my story candidly but also talking about my faith candidly and that I was balancing both as gracefully as I could. I think when you are honest and open in general, people can't find fault in it if it is the real deal. There is really nothing left to judge.

I would be interested to see how that inspires other people living in Provo.
Provo actually had its first pride festival last year, and it was really small, but it was really crazy to think that this really Mormon town is having a gay pride day. It's really exciting that the community is open to letting LGBT youth and adults celebrate. I think it's really cool, and I think that now that that one year has happened, it's going to be cool to see it continue to grow.

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