The Nine Best Concerts to Catch This Summer

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Alex Markow
Mad Decent Block Party returns with more of this.

Sticklers will tell you summer doesn't start until June 21. These are probably the same people who don't believe in global warming. The sweat on the back of your shirt and the daily storms tell you summer is already here and if the weather isn't enough proof for the changing of the season, the intense musical line-ups already hitting South Florida will.

Here are some musical events that will cool you down during the hottest months.

Morrissey at Adrienne Arsht Center
May 31

The former Smiths frontman croons his way in a very rare South Florida performance where he will perform songs from his thirty year rock superstar career.

Drive-By Truckers at Culture Room
June 4

For those of you that wish Bob Dylan was wordier, there's Drive-By Truckers. The veteran Americana group from Athens, GA, paint quite a picture with their descriptive, vivid lyricism.

Weezer at Hard Rock Live
June 8

It's already been twenty years since their debut Blue Album was released. When you get over feeling your age, head to Hard Rock Live to celebrate two decades of Weezer's alterna-pop.

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Gabriele Lopes
Gabriele Lopes

Also you forgot to include Offspring, Bad Religion and Pennywise at Cruzan Amphitheater August 15th.

Gabriele Lopes
Gabriele Lopes

What does this picture of people wearing costumes have to do with concerts!!? lol

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