Lady Gaga Overlooks Little Monsters at artRAVE: the Artpop Ball Fort Lauderdale Kick-off

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Her voice was soulful, and she sang throughout the set as she danced. Even the concession guy said, "She can really sing." And we agreed dorkily, "Yes, she really can." She started the whole set with "Artpop" and followed with a few newer songs, but then, after a lengthy costume change, played the Gaga standards. After hearing every one of her popular tunes, it was already clear the encore would be short, and she played only "Gypsy" on the piano to close out.


When two gay flags hit the stage, she did throw them over one shoulder and saunter over to the iceberg to the joy of the audience. And the one other time she accepted gifts, she put on a pot leaf lei and wore it during "Jewels N' Drugs." "You keep me so inspired," she said, sounding uninspired. Then she reluctantly agreed to put on an ugly vest someone threw at her feet. We can't blame her for immediately removing it. Maybe her fans need to get her more chic presents?

Who knows? Moms can be weird sometimes, and eventually us kids need to grow up and allow them to express who they are, instead of asking for their reassurance all the time. It seems Gaga's enjoying the empty-nest stage -- if we can call it that -- and though awkwardly adjusting to her new role as refined parent in a quest for self-knowledge, she's keeping the door open to let her Little Monsters in, just with new rules.


"Cake Like Lady Gaga"
"Just Dance"
"Poker Face"
"Do What U Want"
"Born This Way"
"Jewels N' Drugs"
"Sexxx Dreams"
"Mary Jane Holland"
"Bad Romance"


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I don't know, but I do think that this review is totally focused on her past, and totally misconstrued. The whole point of the ARTPOP era was so she can change along with her fans, since a majority of her fans are growing with her, and she has made an impact on society, and has caused a change in so much, that she does not have to focus entirely on acceptance, love, and equality anymore. She has impacted society in a way that the past few years, especially when the Born This Way album dropped, society has come to terms with the problem of equality and accepting others, and look what has happened in the past two years...a whole bunch of states have made Gay Marriage legal, and it is still growing. So, she knows that its happening, and everything is finally changing, so why should she be stuck in her Born This Way era mentality, when change has already happened, and a new era has risen within her career and her fans lives? The whole purpose of the album and the ARTPOP era is to focus on expansion, and collaboration. She has expanded her music withing multiple genres, and has expanded her audiences, as well as collaborating with actual artists to create visions and artwork as part of her love and passion of the arts in every form. She has done what no artist has done, and has brought so many elements together, and started something like no other. She has caused her fans to take up drawing, sculpting, photography, film making, and music production. Her fans have become inspired to be part of more than music, but to be part of art, and art is a meaning and way of expression. She has allowed her fans to feel free and open with finally expressing themselves. Lady Gaga took her tour name (artRave) literal, and made it into a practical rave and took her fans into a "new dimension." She pulled her fans into the world of art, music, and dance. She wanted her fans to feel free dancing, and jumping, and going as insane as they please, because she wanted it to feel and look like a big party where they can forget all of their problems and just let loose and express themselves. From the moment the curtain dropped, instant rave-like music began, and colors of all sorts went wild, and these incredible and artsy costumes emerged, and the screen behind the stage showed incredible colors. The mainstage had a very creative and artistic representation of a mythical type of land, kind of like the castle in the clouds in Hercules. From the moment the concert started, the energy in the crowd was high, and the music and dancers got everyone pumped and hyped, and no one stopped dancing and yelling. Once Gaga began performing, it was a non-stop presentation of fun dancing, singing, and basic but elaborate costuming. The stage itself was so basic but so elaborate with how they used everything. Gaga made sure to constantly move around the stages, and catwalks to make sure everyone got an equal amount of Gaga-fan time, and made sure everyone from around the center got close to her and got to see her face-to-face. She was not once truly rude to her fans, and she joked about the gifts thrown on stage thing, when in reality she loves getting gifts on stage. If she would have hated it, she would have made it a rule not to do it, and would have warned the security about no presents being allowed inside the center. Also, the whole drugs references she would make or talk about, it was all tied in with her songs. She only mentioned them right before, during, or after Jewels n Drugs (emphasis on the drugs part of the song title) and Mary Jane Holland (emphasis on the Mary Jane part since it means marijuana). It was not as if she was actually condoning drugs to be brought in and thrown at her, or to actually be smoked. She was making it as jokes or playfully saying it for the songs. Her audience was really composed of mid-teens, to elder folks, so I think everyone should have their own minds and know by now that she doesn't mean to go do drugs. Also, everyone who goes to the concert makes their own costumes, so talking about the way she took off an ugly vest immediately has nothing to do with a concert review. Last time I checked, it was a concert review and not a fans fashion opinionated article. Maybe you as a journalist should know that, and stop trying to drive off course and making something irrelevant and totally not part of the concert, become relevant and part of the review. As well as I was viewing the ticketmaster site days prior to the concert, and the only seats available were FEW in the nose bleed seats and very few in the obstructed view seats. When I was at the concert, I was the first person on the barricade on floor towards the VERY right and I saw not one seat empty on the 100's section above floor, except maybe one or two, which were then filled later in the show. The entire floor was sold out the same day it went on-sale as well. And, the reason why people want the old her is because her style keeps changing, and will continuously do so, since she has stated the past two years that she likes to not be confined into one image, and one style. She also said she wanted to combine more of art into her music and concerts, which she really has been doing. People change opinions of her, as she changes her variety of styles. She is an artist, meaning she loves art and an artists canvases are never the same, they always change. And, many people left throughout because it was a sunday evening, and many people work the following day, and people also leave 1 or 2 numbers before at every concert to avoid the traffic. So, with that said, the concert was incredible and energetic and it was different, and not such a typical Gaga think, where you can expect her every move or expect that her fashion or speeches would be the same as past tours. She really did dish out something fresh, and something new for her new tour. Your article was totally just filled with irrelevant things, and you seem to not know what a good concert is, because you compare it way too much to a lot of other things done in the past. Look her up, and hear and watch her interviews she has done the past year, and you would know why things have changed so much for the era and for the album. Be a good journalist and brush up on things first before throwing in dumb and useless information. Its a new era for Gaga, new concert for fans, and new statements for her audience and society. 


Sold out? I like the stan who tweeted how upset she was to have paid over $200 for her tickets only to find the Born This Way Bus was giving out tickets by the hundreds or out "left and right" . 10 tickets per person to be exact. Now, if the show was truly "sold out" there would not have been empty spaces on the main floor and stands as seen on YouTube . Furthermore , if all seats were "sold out" that means The Born This Way Bus must have purchased the tickets they gave away. That would mean Mother Monster is giving away tickets purchased with foundation funds ( that would explain the "other ' as stated in foundation records over the past year following her BTWB tour last year .  SHADY !!!!!!  Sounds like the perfect scam!!!! 


she was terrible


the show SUCKED...  it was half empty..  people left throughout...  everyone around me wanted more of her older (better) music/songs


@kyle  She really wasn't...her vocals were so on point that I would get confused if I was hearing the back track, or her actually singing, and would notice it was her when I would hear a pause in the vocals, or hear her catching her breath or harmonizing with the actual backing vocals. 

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