Lady Antebellum - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - May 16

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He then talked about how he and Dave shared a passion to write songs and tour before meeting Hillary and creating Lady Antebellum. "We want to sing these songs how we wrote them," said Charles before they all did an acoustic version of "Goodbye Town." The band asked an eager concert-goer with a sign if she had any songs she wanted to hear. Her sign read the song title "One Day You Will" and underneath "Got Me Through Cancer." The band was very appreciative but apologized profusely when they said they haven't played it in a while. "Hello World" was played instead, but the sign-holding fan seemed pleased nonetheless.

The three then traveled back to the main stage and sung a rendition of Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon." Unlike most covers, Lady A's version of this classic brought chills. We double-checked to make sure it wasn't Stevie Nicks onstage.

The highlight of the night was the spunky "Looking for a Good Time." This particular single was extended as the other musicians were introduced. "He's a little shy, so everyone look at him," teased Charles as he introduced the bassist, who smiled coyly. Charles was on a roll as he presented the others onstage. His next "victim" was the keyboard player who Charles joked was kicked out of Duck Dynasty because his beard was too short.

Sayre Berman

"Do you guys want to see him play a piano solo or dance?" After chants from the audience encouraging him to dance, the keyboard player dropped low and shook side to side to a rendition of Ginuwine's "Pony" with Charles singing the first two lines. "Come on, why won't you let me sing?" the playful lead vocalist joked when music was cut. Hillary provided a cute moment when she introduced the drummer as both her husband and the father of her "little girl."

The last song of the set was "We Owned the Night" with clear harmonizing and graphics showing the lyrics in golden letters on screen. After the song, Lady A said their goodbyes, shaking us out of our trance.

But wait -- what happened to their most popular anthem? Had they forgotten their biggest hit? Suddenly, various clips of unknown YouTube musicians and stars like Adele all singing "Need You Now" were projected largely. And with that, ladies and gents, the encore kicked off, but not without Hillary saying, "We want to hear you sing, Hollywood." Tone deaf voices erupted joyfully.

The energy of the show then changed from bittersweet to energetic as a rendition of Avicii's "Wake Me Up" played. Charles encouraged everyone to jump. The last song of the evening was a cover of "Cups (Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone)." After more goodbyes and an autograph for a lucky fan, Lady Antebellum finally departed for the night.

Perhaps it was the endless humor and energy exhibited by Charles, or the talent displayed by Dave on every instrument he touched, or maybe it was Hillary's strong vocals and class, but the show was totally refreshing and the band was genuine. Unlike some big egos that can barely squeeze into the largest South Florida arenas, we couldn't ever picture Hillary throwing a fit over not getting sparkling water, and that's a good thing.

Set List

"Better Off Now (That You're Gone)"
"Our Kind of Love" (partial cover of "Get Lucky")
"Get to Me"
"Hey Bartender"
"Just a Kiss"
"Perfect Day"
"Love Don't Live Here"
"American Honey"
"It Ain't Pretty"
"I Run to You"
"Dancin' Away with My Heart"
"Wanted You More"
"Goodbye Town"
"Hello World"
"Rhiannon" (Fleetwood Mac cover)
"Lookin' for a Good Time"
"We Owned the Night"


"Need You Now"
"Wake Me Up" (Avicii cover)
"Cups (Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone)"

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Hard Rock Live

1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL

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