Human Fluid Rot Performs While Defecating, Says, "I'm a Normal Guy"

What do you think of all the hype and despair surrounding the sale of Churchill's? 
Churchill's is (or was) a home for me. There's no question there. I think a large number of folks in South Florida feel that way and probably say the same thing. That shouldn't surprise anyone. I'll be honest: I stayed in the shadows when all the Churchill's changes came about. I did so because realistically it's none of my business -- there was probably nothing I could do, and only money talks.

Of course I'm affected by the changes that have taken place, but I've always been told that life goes on, and I tend to believe that. In over 15 years of playing live music, I've seen dozens of clubs close, reopen, and come out of nowhere. It happens. Although nothing compares to Churchill's, I can't wait to see what's next.

Of all the rotten fluids that seep out of us humans, what's your favorite? 
I don't like the ones that seep out. I'm particular to the fluids that are put in. Specifically formaldehyde. I find its preservation qualities and odor interesting and dark. Nothing like it.

Ozone Leash and Human Fluid Rot Destroy Florida Tour kicks off 9 p.m., Thursday, May 15, presented by Roofless Records with Sharlyn Evertsz, the Siamese Pearl, LAST, Chris Donaldson, Body Garden, and Death Talisman VII, at Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami.

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