Foxing Wants the Ladies "to Swoon" and Fellas to "Pump Their Clenched Fists"

Hayden Molinarolo

Triple Crown Records-signed band Foxing has quite the busy schedule ahead of them. Aside from a nationwide tour, the band releases their debut full-length The Albatross on May 27. The band will even be making a visit to Pines' recording studio-rock club Talent Farm tonight.

The St. Louis band consists of members Conor Murphy (vocals, trumpet), Josh Coll (bass), Ricky Sampson (guitar), Jon Hellwig (drums) and Eric Hudson (guitar). Out of the five talented dudes, we spoke to Josh who explained the genre "post-prickly," what the haunting video concept behind "Rory" is, and the cool cameo the band's song has in a remastered Garden State. Just kidding about the last part -- Josh seems to have a rambunctious sense of humor. But hey, we don't blame him. Who wouldn't want a shout out from the Black Swan herself?

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New Times: Your genre is described on Facebook as "post-prickly." Can you elaborate on that?
Josh Coll: That genre tag means nothing; it sounded funny in my head and didn't put much thought to it. I need to update that; there is nothing prickly about us. We are softer than owl pellets.

Your debut LP The Albatross comes out this week on Triple Crown Records. How have you guys been promoting it?
(jokingly) Fox Searchlight Pictures is distributing a digitally remastered version of Zach Braff's opus, Garden State, in which Natalie Portman's character shows Braff a song from our album instead of the Shins.

You're performing at the Talent Farm with Seahaven. How does their style of music mesh with yours?
We are both on separate paths, but there are traces of commonality in what we do. I think sonically, both bands have a love for pretty tones and enveloping soundscapes.

Honestly, you would have to ask people attending the shows whether or not our bands are complementary in a live setting. I think we mesh well together. The dudes in the band are all hardbody babes, and we are are mountain trolls, so in that sense, we make them look better, which is sometimes the role of the opening band. We are a hand-grenade standing next to a 10.

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