Broward-Palm Beach Counties' 11 Best Punk Bands of All Time

Jimmy Johnson

Over the past few weeks, we took a look at some of the best punk bands to come out of Miami. While the general consensus was that the 305 did not invent or expand on the subculture back in the day, it will forever be noted that due to its geographical isolation, it certainly developed its own brand of punk rock.

But the 305 was not alone then, since the 954 and 561 were also active with bands and venues!

Maybe not as tropical in execution as their southern neighbors, the other two counties of the tri-county corridor were not short on creativeness and humor, which is what usually sets South Florida's punk rock scene apart from other regions in the USA.

Here are Broward and Palm Beach counties' eleven best punk bands of all time.

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11. The Trash Monkeys
There was something dangerous and inherently je ne sais quoi about the Trash Monkeys. Harmful, slimy, and gritty in a good way. Nothing places them here better than their attitude and the track above, which should be in every jukebox that still exists in Broward County. County Administrator Bertha Henry should decree a "Trash Monkeys Day."

10. Mysfitz
Straight out of Hollywood via the 1960's LSD excess and free love sensibilities, the Mysfitz were short on spelling but big on dreams and aspirations. Their lone EP, She's a Teaser b/w "Aggravation" should've served as a calling card to potential labels back in '81, but after failing to secure a deal, which I believe took them to New York, the group disabanded.

9. Sheer Smegma
Sheer Smegma was Teddy and the Frat Girls. Or was Teddy and the Frat Girls Sheer Smegma? The question will remain the same and shall remain unanswered. Talk about your weird, balls-off-the-wall all-girl scatological craziness. These Palm Beach debs must've had some serious daddy issues and some raunchy ideas as to how the world works. Never has "shitting out one's intestines" sounded so good.

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not a ringing endorsement for broward county LOL. against all authority out of MIA could put all 10 of these bands down at once


New Found Glory not number one? How many nation wide tours, top selling albums, and so on did these other bands accomplish? 

William Wescott
William Wescott

Why was Asspiss not on this list? Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace

Kathy Moser
Kathy Moser

Are you kidding? New Found Glory? When did we redefine what punk is?

Curt Cole
Curt Cole

love the cichlids ... but you forgot about collapsing lungs!

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