Five Reasons SunFest Is Unusual, in a Good Way

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Ian Witlen

Is it here? Could it possibly be? Why yes, the glory of SunFest is already upon us. And while you print out your schedule and grab the closest highlighter, your favorite stars on the lineup are all making their way around our small bubble. Hard to believe that while other places are still experiencing the tail end of winter (yes, that's a thing), West Palm Beach is already throwing a party in honor of sunshine.

SunFest is something special -- more than just a concert, it has become a full experience. It's the type of week that you arrange your entire year around. It's the best time to party hardy in downtown West Palm. But, it's no secret: SunFest is weird. Before you bum rush the stage or detour to the party barges, we want to take a moment and reflect on SunFest. We love it because it's strange. Strange is good.

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Ian Witlen

5. You bought a zucchini there last month.
SunFest is like right there! You don't have to escape into an arena or camp out. The fest is in the heart of WPB; the waterfront. Seriously, it's the same place where you can take a nice Saturday Green Market stroll and stock up on your favorite local produce.

You will be watching Robin Thicke live in the same spot that families watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off at Screen on the Green. It's not a hop, skip and a jump away. It's directly in our backyard.

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