Churchill's Pub, My Childhood Drawings, Filth, and Art

It was just a moment, but the connection was palpable. And the connection started with the music, it came from the art -- the emotion of it, the authenticity it expressed. I realized that these men kindly, and for the good of all, created a space that recognized that making effective art is a dirty process.

It's all filthy: getting pregnant, giving birth, making music. All the things that matter are not clean -- like picking up a card from my grandmother out of the dirt at the curb. If it counts, it's as slimy as the morning after a Kenny Millions milk-fueled pukefest. It's as bizarre as the ladies' toilet that's positioned way too close to the wall to actually sit on.

Much like Dave Daniels is moving out of his house in the back and on to the next adventure in his life, my parents are selling the home I grew up in. That's why they gave me this bag full of crap. Now most of those bits of my past, saved for decades, are wet and gone, and the energy in these two locations is changing from safe to different. But what was there -- when it was most significant to me and South Florida -- was invaluable to our development and understanding of true community and the power of real art. And for that, I'm forever grateful.

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Moving column, Liz. What a dirty old dame Dave's den was. If those walls could talk they'd make Bukowski blush.

Speaking of walls that could talk, wouldn't it be incredible if you could press an ear to that massive concrete column in the center of the big room and, like catching the sound of waves in a sea shell, relive the glorious tsunamis of musical anarchy that have rolled off Churchill's stage over the decades? How awesome would it be to have one more audience with the Johnny Saltons, the Michael Kennedys, the Dan Hoskers, the Pete Mosses, the Bobby Loads, and the countless others who have prowled her stage or defiled her laundry room over the decades?

Every major city needs a place like Churchill's, a place where the great dare to be awful and the awful dare to be great, and you don't have to be a member of 2 Live Crew to get as nasty as you wanna be. You may not fully realize it yet, Miami, but Churchill's was that lover that knew your darkest secrets and gave you the best sex of your life. But you wanted something a little more respectable, someone safer and classier. So you let her go.

You will miss her.


enjoyed reading this

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