Respectable Street's '80s Prom 2014 Was Totally Tubular (PHOTOS)

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Monica McGivern

The stars of the night weren't just the king or queen or the guy with the killer Ghostbusters' costume. The real star (light, star bright!) was the good vibes. That general, "we are all here to be ourselves" quality that Respectable's most appreciative regulars have mastered was alive and well, flowing form the patio to the inside stage.

Monica McGivern

With no work on Monday and a random occasion to dress up, this eighties prom was a huge success. And while the costumes made the night into a massive catwalk, in pure Respectables fashion, this event was a very "come as you are" party.

And yes, that is a reference to '90s homecoming.

Monica McGivern

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Respectable Street

518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, FL

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