Ten Musical Things You Can Do to Improve Your South Florida Summer

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3. Stay in town for some summer festivals.
Certainly the well is pretty dry musically during the summer months in South Florida, but there are a few landmark events coming. The Warped Tour heads to Cruzan on July 26, and there's the Mad Decent Block Party tour, which kicks off the same day in Fort Lauderdale at Revolution Live. See, you can rave or skank this summer. Do whatever your feet tell ya.

2. Find shades that don't slip off your sweaty nose when onstage.
If you're already a musician, you know the problems you face as a sweat factory onstage. There's rings of wetness around your pits and between your boobs. You gotta be careful not to slide around on the shit that's dripping off you. But most important, if you're playing outside or for some reason think it's acceptable to wear sunglasses at night, you need your shades to stay on your face. You've got a few weeks to show up sweaty at your local Sunglass Hut and start head banging as you try on your next pair of sunglasses.

1. Write beach songs...
Or just sing Beach Boys songs on the beach. God, we know how to have fun around here, don't we?

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