Ten Flexible Yogis on Their Favorite Yoga Tunes

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Natalya Jones

5. Tightrope Yoga
Kimberly loves Bob Marley, John Legend, and a lot of Oriental lounge music. And what gives her pleasure? "Just love. Just giving love." Amen, sista!

Natalya Jones

4. Namaste Pose
We decided to chat with the organizers of this whole shindig, hubby and wife Keith and Kelly Fox. Kelly likes to jam to, well, Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe" while Keith likes to get down with some chanting. Like a typical yogi, Keith said, "I'm open to anything."

Natalya Jones

3. Plow Pose With a Twist
This yogi was quite talented, bringing in a Hula-Hoop to the mix. "I Got" by Beats Antique is her yoga jam. Her tranquil spot is Salida, Colorado. "We have land there, and it's our getaway," the hula gal said. There, she mountain-bikes, water-rafts, and hikes.

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