Tortuga Concertgoers on How to Party Like a Cowboy

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4. The Jack Daniels cowgirl
We just loved this girl's shirt, so of course we hounded her for a chat. Not to mention, so many country songs are about drinking whiskey. So we figured she knew what she was talking about. And she did.

"First thing, you need to learn the lyrics to songs," said Jack (not her name, but fitting). "If you don't know Alana Jackson or Brooks and Dunn and their biggest hits, then you don't know county. Alan Jackson is old, so people should know who he is."

She was a little ashamed though of her beverage. "It sucks that I'm drinking a Corona, but someone bought me this. I should be drinking a Bud Light, because it's more appropriate for country music."


3. Flag-loving dude
With the all-American girl comes the all-American guy.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, this Tortuga partier just seemed like your regular retired frat bro, but he was oh, so much more. This guy is a country-loving, flag-bearing, binge-drinking retired frat bro... Who loves his country, of course. In his mind, the key to cowboy living is: "Drink like a champion."

When we asked if he had anything else to add, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I love Florida." Deep, bro, deep.


2. Solo bro
At a festival, there's always a few solo dolos hanging around. Whether they got screwed out of going with a group of people or it was premeditated. But to them, going solo is the best. Why? It means no annoying group bathroom breaks, plus no babysitting sloppy drunk friends, or listening to Sober Sally bitch about how late it is, or getting scolded by the mom of the group. They bop to their own beat, and they like it.

Solo Bbo had a smile on his face and shrugged when we asked his for cowboy partying tips. "I'm having a good time," he said. So his key to partying like a cowboy? Go with the flow, and enjoy it.

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