Tortuga Concertgoers on How to Party Like a Cowboy

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7. The pop and son duo
It's the dad and son duo that's bound to warm your heart. And how can it not at such a family friendly event as Tortuga? Nothing screams "home" like Daisy Dukes, plenty of booze, and some funky smells wafting through the air during Slightly Stoopid's set. Right?

"That's my dad," the son proudly said with a wide grin. "That's how we roll. Oh, and this is my Florida cowboy hat."

Pop made some country song references as he grabbed his wife and added, "She's shaking it for me, and she's giving me back some hometown action." Clearly, he has a different party plan than his son.


6. The Northern cowboy
Victor from the Bronx said the best way to party like a cowboy is "with your spurs on." One must look like a cowboy in order to party like one. Fair enough.

"Country (music) is better because people are more real. They're not plastic," he explained about the vibes. "They tell you how it is whether you like it or not... Country knows no boundaries." Amen, ya Yankee.


5. American girl
The all-American gal is patriotic and shows it by wearing flag stuff. She's also into cold brews, fried food, and the right to bear arms. We ran into many such ladies this weekend.

We asked this USA fan how to party like a cowboy, and she replied, "You need to drink beer out of a can, know how to tame an animal -- whether it is a bull or dog -- and love the smell of gun powder and pussy. 'Merica!"

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