Tortuga Concertgoers on How to Party Like a Cowboy

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Alex Markow

The Tortuga Music Festival, held on Fort Lauderdale Beach, was created to raise money for the conservation of marine environments. But besides helping out turtles and fish and the great big blue ocean, it also offers fans of country music the chance to day-drink copious amounts of booze and jam out to their favorite artists.

The masses of people who attend the fest sport cowboy hats and Daisy Dukes, so it's fair to say that these music lovers know a little something about how to represent at a hoedown. So we had to ask them: How do you party like a cowboy? They gave us some pretty good tips to enjoying life on the range.

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10. Moo-re party, please
When we asked this dude his tips to wiling out, he said, "Save a house, ride a heifer."

We dig the Brooks and Dunn reference, hombre. He refused to take a pic by himself, but hey, he's all about including his bros. Check him out in the orange hat on the right.


9. Once a band-aid...
Tori proudly answered our question with the very fitting: "Luke Bryan and some fireball, baby!" God bless you, Tori. Bless you more if you were the one who threw your bra onstage during Luke's set!


8. The girl group
You know them: the hot chicks who just want to have fun and kick it with the boys. But, they're also tight with their girls and travel in packs.

Theirs is a carefree outlook on life. When we asked them how they liked to get down, it was a chorus of: "Drink a lot of beer!" "Have no cares in the world!" "All you care about is having fun with your friends." "And sunshine." Um, can we hang with you chicks?

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