Top 7 Record Stores in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

2. Confusion Records
This Lake Park store is packed to rafters with LPs. It's the dream spot for those of us who love to get elbow deep in vinyl and only see our hands again once we've unearthed a rare gem that we'll cherish till our last day on earth. Confusion has both new and old records, T-shirts, toys, they've got it all.

1. VP Records
VP Records knows you love Bob Marley, because only a monster would hate that medley up there. That's why, besides a massive collection of reggae, roots, dancehall, ska, soca, calypso, hip-hop, gospel, and R&B (pant), the company's Miramar store features a Bob Marley corner. Lord 'a mercy.

But VP Records got its start back in the motherland when Vincent and Patricia Chin opened up shop in Kingston. Now stateside, the couple's business is based in Jamaica, Queens and includes their fashion line Riddim Driven clothing.

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Barry Rosenblum
Barry Rosenblum

Haha shows how well I read. Great list though, and I know this one is in Miami but have you guys ever been to Lily's Records? I just heard about it, but have never been. Wondered if you guys had any take on that place?

Barry Rosenblum
Barry Rosenblum

This must be a list from best to worst with Confusion on it, but it's nice to see We Got The Beat, and Record Rack on the list, where is Sweat though? and seriously unless your into straight Regge and Dance Hall, VP is a waste of time. Confusion has nothing going for it other than its name though, matching how things are laid out in the store with most records unpriced and the rest thrown around the store in nearly no order whatsoever. Finding something worthwhile for a fair price is like finding a needle in a haystack but if you do find your gem make sure the shop keep dosent know you found a gem or the price will be hiked up a bit because of your excitement.

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