Top 7 Record Stores in Broward and Palm Beach Counties


4. Record Rack
For those who prefer an old fashioned headbang over "Hot Stuff," Record Rack in Pompano caters to a more traditionally "masculine" crowd. Their focus musically is more in the rock, metal, jazz, and blues vein. So there is certainly an overlap with We Got the Beats in the area of Queen, at the very least. This spot sells new and used vinyl, CDs, DVDs, turntables, and a ton more.

Owner Richie Siegrist is laid-back, cool dude according to Yelp commenter Rob B. He also says that instead of the indie stuff you'll find elsewhere, this place has all the classics: "The Record Rack will have the quintessential album to own on wax which will give you the warm and fuzzies." And the place features a KISS inflatable sofa. So, oh, hell yes. We like.

3. Top Five Records
Top Five Records is a thing we music geeks and film fanatics know from the classic book-turned-film High Fidelity. It was through that story that we all imagined what life would be like working at a record store, and it was equally parts dorky and awesome, basically cooler than you.

Top Five Records, located in Lake Worth, is pretty much as indie and hip as it gets. The store sells vintage vinyl, rare collectables, and at fair prices. You can sell your old LPs there too, which is fantastic. But if you're going there to check out the live acts performing as part of RSD, make sure to hit the ATM first, since they only deal with dolla dolla bills.

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Barry Rosenblum
Barry Rosenblum

Haha shows how well I read. Great list though, and I know this one is in Miami but have you guys ever been to Lily's Records? I just heard about it, but have never been. Wondered if you guys had any take on that place?

Barry Rosenblum
Barry Rosenblum

This must be a list from best to worst with Confusion on it, but it's nice to see We Got The Beat, and Record Rack on the list, where is Sweat though? and seriously unless your into straight Regge and Dance Hall, VP is a waste of time. Confusion has nothing going for it other than its name though, matching how things are laid out in the store with most records unpriced and the rest thrown around the store in nearly no order whatsoever. Finding something worthwhile for a fair price is like finding a needle in a haystack but if you do find your gem make sure the shop keep dosent know you found a gem or the price will be hiked up a bit because of your excitement.

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