Top 7 Record Stores in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Ian Witlen

At the beginning of Record Store Day, there was Metallica. James Hetfield and the boys performed in 2008 at San Francisco's Rasputin Music. It was on that day that the third Saturday in April became somewhat sacred. Given that record stores are like temples for the musically obsessed, the event has since spread like an itchy (hopefully curable) rash throughout the world. And in South Florida, we take RSD very seriously by hosting plenty of gatherings in honor of the vinyl that brings us such aural pleasure.

Perhaps you didn't know, but we in Broward and Palm Beach counties actually boast quite a few record stores. Here are seven awesome places (in no particular order) where you can score pressed wax and meet your fellow music nerds for a good argument over music nerd shit that no one else can stomach.

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Robert Maloy

7. Radio-Active Records
If you've never been to Radio-Active Records, start flogging yourself now. With co-owner Mikey Ramirez and operations manager Natalie Martinez at the helm, this place offers the most comprehensive selection of vinyl in town. They host live music in-store events fairly regularly and even meet-and-greets with such heavyweight scene-stealers as John Waters and Deltron 3030.

It's not only a place to develop your personal predilections and musical collection, it's a cultural hub in South Florida that is both invaluable and impressive. We should be proud we've got this place in our backyard.

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Barry Rosenblum
Barry Rosenblum

Haha shows how well I read. Great list though, and I know this one is in Miami but have you guys ever been to Lily's Records? I just heard about it, but have never been. Wondered if you guys had any take on that place?

Barry Rosenblum
Barry Rosenblum

This must be a list from best to worst with Confusion on it, but it's nice to see We Got The Beat, and Record Rack on the list, where is Sweat though? and seriously unless your into straight Regge and Dance Hall, VP is a waste of time. Confusion has nothing going for it other than its name though, matching how things are laid out in the store with most records unpriced and the rest thrown around the store in nearly no order whatsoever. Finding something worthwhile for a fair price is like finding a needle in a haystack but if you do find your gem make sure the shop keep dosent know you found a gem or the price will be hiked up a bit because of your excitement.

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