The Used Calls Walmart "an Evil Corporation"

Kane Hibberd

It's safe to say that the Used is doing better than it ever has before. Currently, it's co-headlining a U.S. and Canada tour with Taking Back Sunday, and shows are pretty much all sold out. If this success wasn't enough, the band has hit number one on the Billboard Independent Chart. Yet, the Used seems to only care about their time on the road. "We're not sure about CD sales, which is whatever, but we rather have people feel our music than spend money at Walmart any day," says Jeph Howard, bassist. "It's an evil corporation, they don't help anybody."

Wait, what? There's a band out there that actually cares about the good of people and not for their own publicity? "I'm all for people buying records and supporting bands." Howard continues, "But I'm against supporting the wrong people, like a corporation."

Not that this should be a surprise to anyone. The Used is known to never shy away from addressing wrongdoing in the world, and they openly express that in their music. Their lyrics are the opposite of radio sounds that brag about hoarding money or throwing it at strippers, humping, and Tom Ford.

The members are pretty clever as well, intentionally releasing their sixth album, Imaginary Enemy, on April Fool's Day, which is critical of the media. "You have to look at the cover illustration and see what's on TV and the news," he explains about the purpose of the release date. "Watching the news is like a joke. They show the same thing over and over again and it's like 'Is this really going on? Where's the focus?' There's something crazy going on, and I feel like the mafia controls everything. Money controls everything... People blame guns for murders, but it is the person holding the gun. Greed is the power behind all evil. The banks seem to fund both sides of the war, but who wins?"

And Howard was just gaining momentum: "When you look at the news, I feel like it's taking the focus off everything going on, like an April Fool's joke, except we don't get to the punchline. We never reach it and when we do, people get killed or disappear."

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