Ten Things Learned on the Moody Blues Cruise

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Photo by Alisa B. Cherry
Moody Blues: More than just a great Tuesday afternoon.

7. There is a plausible excuse for weight gain in one's later years.
"My chest lost its battle with gravity," Moodys drummer Graeme Edge explained.

6. There's no reason for despair, even in hard times.
"We've lost Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, and Steve Jobs," Moody Blues singer and guitarist Justin Hayward lamented. "We've lost hope, cash, and jobs!" Still, the band performed as emphatically as ever, allowing its audience to forgive whatever misery they might have endured as a result.

5. Even the most seasoned performer can get anxiety.
Edge admitted that he has a recurring dream about sitting at his drums, reaching for his sticks and pulling out a pair of bananas instead. There's some sort of phallic reference there that remained unsaid, but that can be left to one's imagination.

4. If at first, you don't succeed, chuck it.
The Zombies' most-heralded album, Odessey and Oracle, languished in the bargain bins soon after its release, due to mediocre sales and the fact that the band broke up even prior to its release despite the inclusion of its hit "Time of the Season." Now it's considered a classic, and its sales and critical kudos intensify with each passing year. And justifiably so.

3. Playing isn't work.
According to Hayward, the two hours they're onstage they do for free. It's the hours spent traveling to the gigs that they're getting paid for.

2. Woodstock wasn't a wreck; the band was.
While it's been said that the Who hated the gig, it was the music festival itself that they were dissatisfied with. "We weren't happy with our performance," Daltrey insisted and suggested that their drinks had been laced with drugs prior to going onstage.

1. Look out.
In nearly 50 years of famously spinning the microphone cord, Daltrey claims he only broke two mics. However, he did cause his bandmates to duck on several occasions just to get out of the way.

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It was not Justin Hayward who made the joke about no jobs, no cash and no hope; it was Graeme Edge, the drummer, and it WAS meant as a joke. After the punch line, he said, "I bet you didn't know where I was going with that, did you?"

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