The Mavericks: "We're Having So Much More Fun Than Ever Before"

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So how long will you guys be out on tour? How long have you been on the road since reuniting?
It's been about two years. When you think about that first festival which instigated this whole thing, that was about two years ago. That first gig was the Stagecoach Festival in 2011, and since then it's pretty much been nonstop. We haven't been on the road continuously since then, but almost. The band is a well-oiled machine. We're booked into next year already and we have plans to make another record. The plan is to go into the studio in the next couple of months and start recording and hopefully have something done by September or October so we can have something to release in March.

It sounds like the Mavericks are now an ongoing concern, at least for the near future. You're back and this is now business as usual.

Well, at least for another record for sure. We'll see where it goes from there. The thing about it now is that everybody realizes we can do the Mavericks, we can do the solo stuff, we can do all the little things we want to do. The main thing for me is that I like to do a lot of different things, and if I get stuck on one thing for too long, I'm going to get bored and I'm going to want out. So if I can try different things, and everybody does their things every now and then -- as we all will -- there's still no reason why we can't do those side projects and do the Mavericks as well. So that's the goal.

So what is the status of your solo career? Do you have future plans in that regard?

Not right now, because I'm so involved with the Mavericks thing right now. But at some point, that will be part of the equation.

At that point, will it be a challenge in determining which material goes to the Mavericks and which songs are reserved for your solo outings?
Right now the Mavericks are so at the top of their game. I don't think that will be an issue. You just know. As the writer, you know which songs will work best for the Mavericks and which songs will work best for a Raul Malo solo project. I think that becomes apparent. But honestly, some of the songs from my solo career that we play live find the Mavericks just killing it. When the Mavericks play something, there's something special about the Mavericks. Those guys are just amazing. So we'll deal with it when the time comes, but again, right now I have no plans for a solo record. The Mavericks are pretty much occupying all my time.

Your upcoming Fort Lauderdale date marks the first time the band's has played South Florida in some 14 years I believe.
It's been a long time, yeah.

So what kind of emotions does that stir up for you? .
There's a little bit of trepidation, nervousness. You hope there's a good reaction and people walk away from it feeling good. We want to do the best we can, but it's also one you think about maybe a little more than you would an ordinary show. You want it to be good. You're going to have friends there you haven't seen in awhile, family... So there's going to be an emotion-tinged air to the proceedings there that night. But the trepidation is there just on our side. You just hope people really enjoy the show. It's like, sorry we haven't seen you in awhile, but it's not like we haven't wanted to.

The Mavericks, 8 p.m. Thursday, May 1, at Parker Playhouse, 707 NE Eighth St., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $34.50 to $54.50. Call 954-763-2444, or visit

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