Seven Reasons Every Straight Man Should Go to a Gay Pride Festival

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Photo by George Martinez
2. Find a gay best friend.
Everyone -- not just Debra Messing and Lady Gaga -- needs a gay best friend. Gay best friends are great. They're mostly honest and almost always down to get frozen yogurt. And if you're a straight man, you know how hard it is to get your bros to go on a FroYo field trip.

And with legal same-sex unions on the horizon, you might even get invited to a gay wedding. Gay weddings are like straight weddings, except not as gay. And -- we're assuming -- you won't have to do the electric slide.

Photo by George Martinez
1. Stop being so homophobic and just go.
Slowly (painfully slowly) but surely, our country is learning one universal truth about gay people: they're people. That's it.

You just might have fun at a Pride event. Fun? You know, that thing you haven't had since McDonald's accidently gave you three cheeseburgers instead of two?

And a lot of straight guys think that if they do to go to a gay pride festival, they'll just end up getting hit on the whole time.

Get over yourself, dude.

You're wearing a shirt that's 90% mustard stain and your body is shaped like a ripe avocado. Think the boys will be able to contain themselves.

Just go. Stop worrying about what your friends will think or how you'll get that glitter out of your ear. Take in a new experience and grow from it.

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