Seven Reasons Every Straight Man Should Go to a Gay Pride Festival

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Photo by Jipsy
4. Straight girls.
Gay guys aren't the only who go to gay pride festivals. Plenty of straight girls go too. And straight girls are always at their drunkest when with their gay friends, so you might actually have a chance.

When she sees you at a gay pride festival she'll think, "Oh my, he's so open-minded," and, "Why the fuck is he carrying 200 condoms?"

Just leave the Crocs at home and you might find love.

Photo by George Martinez
3. Motivation to get in shape.
The gays have been into fitness before it was the cool thing to do. Before there was CrossFit, there was Spencer pinching you every time you didn't get low enough in your squats.

These dudes and ladies were getting shredded abs and toned legs while the rest of us weren't sure whether Tai Bo was something we did at the gym or ordered in a restaurant.

Get a gay gym buddy and in a few weeks, you'll be looking like all five of The Avengers.

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