Ten Jimmy Buffett Parrothead Fashion Essentials

Sayre Berman

When we heard Jimmy Buffett, the king crooner of Margaritaville and Land Shark lager, was playing these parts, we grabbed our leis and lawn chairs and headed over to Cruzan to watch him perform. And although there are still cheeseburgers in paradise, it was all the parrotheads that caught our eye.

Jimmy's loyal band of followers were out in full effect this weekend, some even tailgating seven hours before the show. We were curious to see what the best parrotheads were sporting, so we decided to compile a list for future Buffett concerts. Here are ten things you need to be a proper parrothead.

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Natalya Jones

10. Hula Skirts
Jimmy Buffett sings songs of the islands, so it's no surprise that these ladies are donning grass skirts. Check out the gal on the left -- she has a mini parrot on and everything. These colorful fowl were the belles of the ball.

Sayre Berman

9. Hawaiian Shirt
What is a Jimmy Buffett concert without Hawaiian shirts? It's not a Jimmy Buffett concert, we can tell ya that.

As tacky as they may be, they are a true staple of the laid back crooner's style. This time, it's OK to follow the crowd. Pair it with some bathrobes, and you're basically asleep at the beach.

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