Jimkata Bring "an Organic, Natural Sound" to Electronic Music

You guys have been touring the festival circuit a lot lately, playing festivals like Gathering of the Vibes, Pretty Lights' Snowball, Aura, Camp Bisco, and many more. Any specific great moments that stick out?
There's definitely good moments, and bad moments you remember too. Those are very comical. At like real small festivals that aren't run right, and it rains with no tarp over the stage and shit like that. In terms of good ones, our set at Summer Camp last year was a good one, it did rain, which sucked for being there later that night. But during our set, we played under a big tent, and we had a giant crowd underneath it. We were playing our new material, off of Feel the Light. It was definitely memorable, great crowd, great response. Summer Camp has always been good to us.

That's great. You guys had the tent, and pretty much everyone to yourselves.
That's the challenge of playing a bigger festival, you're always competing. Its two-fold: One, it's fun. You get to see the other bands, meet them, and hang out with fellow musicians. On the other hand, you hope your not up against some other band or whatever, that everyone gets great exposure.

You guys released Feel in the Light on Bandcamp, instead of iTunes or Amazon. Is this model going to be one you stick to?
I'm not sure. I think we're just kind of feeling it out. Traditionally, we always, and if you're a band releasing music today you should be doing this, we've always experimented with releasing our albums, because things change every 6 months.

The first couple albums we did were free or pay what you will. That was to just get our name and music out there. I feel like it was the right move. Die Digital was a fan-funded album on Indiegogo. We offered them prizes for donating and stuff like that. This one (Feel in the Light) we paid for all ourselves, but we figured to start in on Bandcamp, because we have a loyal fan base who would love to help us out. We didn't release it on iTunes or Spotify right away because there's a barrier between us and the fans, some kind of percentage being taken out, iTunes sets the pricing. Also, on Bandcamp you can get it in better quality.

Jimkata with Stokeswood and DJ Scotty. 8 p.m., April 26, at Culture Room, 3045 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $12. Visit cultureroom.net and jimkata.com.

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Great read…can't wait for the show tomorrow!

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