Tortuga Music Festival 2014's Ten Hottest Beach Bods

Rebecca Bulnes

2. It's in the Genes
These hot bros are actually bros! Shoutout to John Michael and Patrick's parents -- your blood carries the heartthrob gene.

Initially, we took a solo photo of Patrick; his boyish looks and pink swim trunks passed our test. But then he beckoned his sibling to join in, explaining that it'd be better with both. Now, that's a good brother. Sharing the love.

Rebecca Bulnes

1. Where the Boys Are
It truly is better where the boys are -- especially if you've got a body like that! Look at Antia's crazy, hard-as-stone abs. She can crush walnuts with that belly. Plus, there's a definite Sporty Spice vibe going on with the crop top. And who isn't into Sporty Spice? No one, that's who. Anita tells us that kickboxing and a strict paleo diet keeps her fit. So, yeah, take notes, everyone.

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Those are the best bodies...I guess you did not look deep enough!

Shawn Weaver
Shawn Weaver

I would like to see a story about the difference between tortuga..urban week.and ultra....crime stats...fights.... overdoses...neibor damage...local bizz owners comments....i have not attended any of these just curious?

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