Tortuga Music Festival 2014's Ten Hottest Beach Bods

Rebecca Bulnes

5. Mamma Mia!
So, Jennifer produced four babies with that body. Think about that for a second. Four. Jen and her hubby, Brad, work out when they can get a moment to breathe. This tatted pair are surely a power couple of the namable sort: J-Rad? Bren? This is hard.

Rebecca Bulnes

4. Slim Jim
Sleek, slender, and cool, like the new iPhone 5s, Jim is sexy, and he knows it. All right -- his name is not Jim. But how convenient would that have been?!

This lean slice of meat is actually Erick, and he seemed taken aback when we asked for him to pose for us. But here's one thing we mustn't forget: Beach bods don't always have to be big and brawny; svelte is sweet too.

Rebecca Bulnes

3. The Toned Trio
Say hello to Liz, Jeremy, and Danielle. They are a trifecta of hotness.

Look at those arms on Liz. She can, and will, kick your boyfriend's ass. And Jeremy? Can you say Magic Mike part deux? Danielle is rocking that bellybutton ring like it's the year 2000, Christina Aguilera's genie is still in a bottle, and no one knew how gross it was to clean that shit for months after the piercing.

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Those are the best bodies...I guess you did not look deep enough!

Shawn Weaver
Shawn Weaver

I would like to see a story about the difference between tortuga..urban week.and ultra....crime stats...fights.... overdoses...neibor damage...local bizz owners comments....i have not attended any of these just curious?

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