Tortuga Music Festival 2014's Ten Hottest Beach Bods

Rebecca Bulnes

8. Cross(Fit) My Heart
Alison is thirty-freaking-six years old. Yes, you read that correctly: 36. Homegirl is a South Florida native and CrossFit veteran who was more than happy to pose for a quick pic.

Alison's outfit was both simple and efficient. To battle the sweltering sun's rays, she opted for a baseball cap that matched her teal two-piece, all tied together by a tiny hip purse. It seemed like a very functional getup, all the while showing some seriously sexy skin.

rebecca Bulnes

7. Let's Talk About Pecs
Wes straight up looks like the mold for an action figure. This 29-year-old is completely artfully sculpted. We had to stop and snap and shot. He told us his body is a product of working overseas in Afghanistan as a contractor.

Rebecca Bulnes

6. Caribbean Queen
Brandy is a 23-year-old Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleader -- as indicated by her top -- and her beach bod is like the ones you might see in TV commercials about visiting South Florida. With her wavy hair, perfect caramel tan, and all-around tight physique, let's just say she stands out in a crowd. As booties jiggled away on the beach, Brandy chose some high-waisted shorts over a skimpy two-piece and still looked stunning.

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Those are the best bodies...I guess you did not look deep enough!

Shawn Weaver
Shawn Weaver

I would like to see a story about the difference between tortuga..urban week.and ultra....crime stats...fights.... overdoses...neibor damage...local bizz owners comments....i have not attended any of these just curious?

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