Tortuga Music Festival 2014's Ten Hottest Beach Bods

Alex Markow

Our little corner of the world often gets high praise for all of the attractive people who congregate here. It's hot, we wear less, and thus we gym often. At Tortuga Music Festival, things were no different from your average beach day. We spent it ogling above-average sunbathers.

To the sounds of Ziggy Marley and Eric Church, sundresses dropped, muscle shirts were tossed aside, and the beachside became supersexy. Though the sand was swarming with toned bods, what follows are just ten of the hottest concertgoers who caught our eye.

Rebecca Bulnes

10. All-American Babes
Above, 20-somethings Danielle and Angela clearly are harnessing that all-American vibe, keeping it cute and sexy at the same time. What a skill! They like to practice yoga to keep their bods smokin'. You don't have to go to extremes to show some skin and get the boys talking.

And for the straight dudes, you can look but you can't touch. Angela enjoyed her bachelorette party at Tortuga Fest. Danielle, though? Still up for grabs.

Rebecca Bulnes

9. Baked 'n' Blonde
We caught this smokin' trio as Ziggy Marley crooned about seeing "marijuana trees blowing in our breeze." Tyla and Alex matched in their Mary Jane-patterned swimsuits, while Natalie kept it cute and easy in her red two-piece. Altogether, the three embodied the coolness and niceness of the popular girls at school whom you wanted to hate for being such babes but loved anyway.

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Those are the best bodies...I guess you did not look deep enough!

Shawn Weaver
Shawn Weaver

I would like to see a story about the difference between tortuga..urban week.and ultra....crime stats...fights.... overdoses...neibor damage...local bizz owners comments....i have not attended any of these just curious?

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