Churchill's Pub Becoming a Strictly 21-and-Over Club Under New Ownership

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Sorry, kids.

Local punk landmark Churchill's Pub, a longtime haven for 18-and-up shows, will no longer be letting anybody except drinking-age adults through the door.

It's been only three weeks since founder and owner Dave Daniels completed the pub's sale. And many Miami promoters, scene figures, and band members are interpreting this grownups-only policy as an omen of increasingly drastic changes.

UPDATE Churchill's new owners have reversed positions, already abandoning their plans for a21-and-over policy.

Photo by Ben Thacker

The pub's music booker, Ian Michael, tells Crossfade that Churchill's new owners decided that "the venue will become 21 and over" effective May 20.

"We called everyone with a booked show after that date," Michael says. And he claims that "most were cool with it."

However, there are others, like Miami music legend and International Noise Conference organizer Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra, who think the move "will kill the place as far as what it's always stood for."

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Churchill's Pub

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Garo Gallo
Garo Gallo

"theBUBBLE" is a willing surrogate :D (rapid changes being made ...almost complete)


We older cats may make more money to spend at the bar, but we also have less time to attend shows especially on a weeknight. The under 21 crowd is what kept this place alive and gave the place the energy to make people want to keep going there. Without them, acts won't have a reason to go passed Orlando; we're lucky to get them in Ft. Lauderdale as is. I think the new owners need to reconsider and take a look at Culture Room and Revolution and maybe do certain show 21 and over if needed.

At this point they will be lucky to have "a bar". And let's face it, no one goes to Churchill's for their brews or gastronomy.

In any business, I believe in this simple principle: "Your community will keep you there as long as they want you." IN THIS CASE, A GREAT MAJORITY OF YOUR PATRONS ARE UNDER 21. If nothing else, you have a captive audience others would kill for. There aren't many place for them to go and spend their money. Why would you give that up and chose to fight with every other place in the city to get a decent turnout. It doesn't even make good business sense. The 21 and under crowd is a very important part of a symbiotic relationship. They kids and the acts need each other. I hope they reconsider. For everyone's sake.


Older cats may make more money and spend more at the bar. However we're not always available to go to a weeknight show. The under 21 crowd have to make more of an effort of pay for that cover and that should be appreciated at the very least as a service to the community. Besides they are the reason the artists make that extra drive down from Orlando. They'll be lucky to have a just a bar, and let's face it, no one goes to Churchill's for their brews or gastronomy. Not to mention the kids will have more of their hard earned money to spend on video games and drugs, instead of a culturally rich experiences.

In short, I think it's a bad call.

robert.n.nielsen topcommenter

so long to the days of making out with underaged punk girls and peeing in thier butts,


Man, I really hope this changes. I started going to Churchills when I was 17 years old and that is one of the biggest reason why I got into Jazz and Punk music. I understand the risk that is posed when you allow minors into clubs, but you really have no idea how much you're hurting the music scene by not having a music club for young people. 

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