9 Best Band T-Shirts to Wear to an Urban Outfitters Interview

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Colin Young-Wolff

Times are tough friends, and freelancing does not pay as much as it used to. Eating ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner gets old quick, no matter how much siracha you put on it. Because of these reasons, and the incessant need to make rent every month, this freelancer went (rather reluctantly) in search of a day job. We sent out tons of applications, for all sorts of gigs -- retail, service industry, sales, you name it. One of the places we heard back from first was Urban Outfitters.

We panicked about going in for an interview. Are we hip enough to make the cut? Urban Outfitters has long ruled the world's hipster apparel market. But most people look ridiculous in skinny jeans, and we don't own one pair of those faux thick-rimmed glasses. Our haircut isn't buzzed on one side either.

We needed to figure out how to nail this gig. And we realized that would require the right band T-shirt. One that says, "Yeah I'm with it, I've got my finger on the pulse of the scene." But which one is the right one? After the jump, help us chose the right shirt.


The Smiths
We could go with one of our personal favorites, the Smiths. But what if the 23-year-old assistant manger who will be interviewing us doesn't think they're relevant? I mean, who knows what millennials think of '80s bands, really? Maybe this assistant manager had a weepy manic-depressive uncle who used to idolize them back in they day, and now we're on that guy's level. Who wants a crier working the cashier?


The Other Smiths
On that note, what if we went with something that showcased our sense of humor? Let's not take ourselves too seriously, right? We could get tongue-in-cheek with our ensemble and bring out the Fresh Prince. We like to think the Fresh Prince was a hipster back in the day.

But what if they don't get the joke? Do twenty-somethings even know who DJ Jazzy Jeff is? Most of them weren't even in preschool when the TV show aired. Or worse still, what if they "get it," but don't think it's funny. We'll just look like old school, slacker dorks with a corny sense of humor.

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David Reyer

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