Ultra Music Festival 2014's Ten Best DJs

Don't miss Hot Creations label boss Jamie Jones at Ultra 2014.

No matter what you tell yourself, there is absolutely no way to catch every act that you want to see at Ultra Music Festival. Never mind the overlapping set times, just trying to traverse Bayfront Park is a daunting task once it's crammed with 100,000 ravers.

Our advice: Find a stage (or two) with lineups that you like and hang 'round till you're ready to call it a night. Another piece of advice: Avoid the main stage. Instead, stick to the smaller stages and tents like Underground Story or Carl Cox & Friends, which offer a wide variety of acts that are more than just button-pushers.

Here are our educated recommendations for who you'd shouldn't miss at Ultra 2014.

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The only thing that could make a 2manydjs performance better is if these brothers, Stephen and David Dewaele, were performing as Soulwax, their alternative electronic project. But they aren't, so get over it. And anyway, the Belgians have proved their DJing is nearly as good as their live sets. It isn't mere luck that the Dewaele bros have been on top for almost two decades; they're constantly ahead of the curve while other acts seem to be chasing trends. Oh, and they've actually promised a new Soulwax album for 2014. So who knows -- maybe 2manydjs' set at Ultra might be the perfect time to preview some fresh material.

Art Department
Canadians Jonny White and Kenny Glasgow have been electronic dance music hotshots in their own right for a while now. But in 2009 at the urging of Crosstown Rebels label head Damian Lazarus, the pair brought their styles together to form Art Department, which they debuted live during WMC 2010. Blending everything from house to techno to hip-hop, White and Glasgow have achieve both critical acclaim and an envious cult following. If you have not listened to the duo, you'd be remiss to pass up the opportunity at Ultra.

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Bayfront Park

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Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park

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