Ultra Ravers Talk About the Meaning of Life


The Ethicist
This local lady was more than eager to address our superdeep queries. "I think the meaning of life is to help each other out, dude. I think we're all put here as a whole. It wasn't like one fucking person who came here. We're supposed to make it easier for each other. Have a good time."

And how can we maximize all that powerful energy? "Dude, be good to each other. What's all this shit that we have if we can't be good to each other?!"

We wondered what this longtime raver thought about Ultra and how it fits into the larger scheme of things. "It's gotten a little shallower. People don't really go for the connections, they go to take drugs and stuff," she concedes. "But being out here, everyone's joined by the music. We all come out here and agree that that shit touches us, so that's what we're here for. We're together to enjoy that shit as one."

Can we get an amen?


Carlos Bello, AKA Chicken Man or El Pollo Loco, is a sober yet stimulating staple at all Miami music fests. He arrives ready to rave and in full feather armor.

"Happiness, above all," is what's important to him in life. "Making sure I take each day one day at a time. I try not to worry, because in the end, it's just temporary and most things don't really matter as long as you're happy."

Not worrying seems a Sisyphean task! How does he manage that? "I try my hardest. When you're surrounded by great people, it's hard to be worried." But at the same time, he is a bit nihilistic about the afterlife. "To be honest, I don't think anything happens. You die, you die. Whatever you did on this earth stays, and you're gone."

And what he's leaving behind is El Pollo Loco: "It's my legacy!"

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Lori Garrote
Lori Garrote

I knew tho was written by Liz Tracy just by the amazing title .

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