Ultra 2014's Top Ten Fashion Trends: Unicorns, Muscles, and More!

No #LIE, this is great.

2. Return of Tie Dye
Just yesterday, we told someone, "No one's wearing tie dye these days to Ultra." And man, were we proven wrong.

Some folks are wearing it in totally new ways, like this guy from Georgia. His Love Is Earth -- or #LIE -- outfit pairs camouflage with tie dye. Amazing.

And look at those nails!

Our tie-dye wonder told us that he models for the company and added, "I'd wear this outfit everywhere I go. Love Is Earth has a very wide variety of clothing. And Trinidad James, 2 Chainz, Mac Miller have all modeled for #LIE."

Pretty in purple.

1. Purple Locks
Hair dying has made a huge resurgence in popular culture over the past year or so. It's like a Manic Panic-ruled kingdom out there But instead of harsh colors, people are using more muted ones, with purples and grays dominating. We blame Kelly Osborne.

This curly-haired lady is from Montpellier, Vermont, where she told us that there wasn't a lot of raving going on. She's been planning her three outfits for a year. Now that's commitment.

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Liz Tracy

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