Ultra 2014's Top Ten Fashion Trends: Unicorns, Muscles, and More!

Yes, please!

5. Mexican Chic
Believe us or not, Mexico is the national style inspiration of choice at this year's Ultra. Seriously, there are sombreros of varying sizes on heads in the John and in line buying beer. And man, were the Mexican flags flying high. This guy combined the trends of seriously bright neon with his love of that land South of the Border. This outfit rules life.


4. The L.A. Dude
OK, so this guy wasn't from L.A. He's a University of Miami student who got his shirt at the Urban Outfitters surplus store. But this look is oft repeated at Ultra. It's the man in a bright button-down, short-sleeve shirt and shorts, looking very serious, though exuding some goofiness. Oh so very popular with the Los Angeles dudes at the festival.

Never lose your friend.

3. Group Love
It's totally typical at Ultra for groups of people to dress alike. Why? Who the hell knows. But these dudes from Australia did it so they wouldn't lose each other. They plan on wearing these at Coachella in a few weeks too. But they're debuting their sweaty getups this weekend in Miami. The guy on the right told us, "You've got the exclusive."

They also touched upon the superhero trend. Plenty of folks were wearing Superman and Batman, and like these guys, Spiderman. Why? Because superheroes can do really cool things and stuff.

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Liz Tracy

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