Ultra 2014's Top Ten Fashion Trends: Unicorns, Muscles, and More!

Ultra is like a sweat lodge.

7. Native Feathers
Everybody -- and we don't mean literally everybody, but an overwhelming number of festival-goers -- were wearing the Native American look.

From the drummer for Basement Jaxx to this dude here, looking like a motherfucking chief is key this Ultra. Perhaps it's the peyote connect, maybe it's just that feathers and leather look good together. Either way, this is possibly 2014's most popular look.


This guy from West Palm Beach was an Ultra virgin, but he's been to other similar fests. When asked, why the Native steez, he said, "I wanted to go with a fire theme. I wanted to look like some majestic fire coming out. I saw something on Etsy, this headdress, and I was like, 'That is so amazing for what I want to do. That'll probably be the best thing for me.'"


6. Cosmic Camera
This lil' raver captured two of this year's biggest trends: the head camera and the galaxy pattern. Yesterday, there were more cameras on sticks at Ultra than there were tutus or glow sticks. (Actually, there was nary a glow stick in sight! What happened to the glow stick?) Though filming inside the fest isn't allowed for the media, partiers shot every single fist-pump and booty pop made out by Biscayne Bay. The cosmic look was also entirely rampant. And we love that trippy universe shit. It's like the Discovery Channel is on your boob or butt.

Our young lady from Miami gave us too good an interview about her well-conceived getup not to include it here:

New Times: Have you ever filmed before?
Raver Lass: I've never done filming. I saw everyone doing it last year, and I thought I'd join the bandwagon and get a GoPro to film it all. I've seen so many people with GoPros, it's actually ridiculous. It's just the thing to have this year, I guess!

What about the "D.A.R.E. to Keep Kids Off Drugs" Fanny Pack?
I had to pick a fanny pack with a message. I don't want anyone to pass out. I was in the crowd last year and people passed out in front of me. It was scary.

And the top?
I just went with a galaxy thing because Kaskade is on tonight and his newest album is Atmosphere. So I had to go with the Kaskade hat too.

We dare you.

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Lynne Dear

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Liz Tracy

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