Ultra 2014's Top Ten Fashion Trends: Unicorns, Muscles, and More!


9. Unicorns Herds
When asked what she thought about white-coated, one-horned, mysterious creatures, this California chick told us, "They're the motherfucking shit!" And she's not the only one who thinks so. First thing to catch our eye on the way into the park was actually a girl unicorn.

We asked if she'd made friends with any other of her kind, and she admitted, "I just saw one, and I took a picture with him!" Unicorns unite at Ultra.


8. Muscles
Yeah, you may think we're just pervs, but muscles are actually a style statement. At Ultra, you'll see plenty of bulging pecs -- some covered with body paint, some tattooed, and some like this West Palm Beach native's chesticles, all clean.

Though you may think muscles never go out of style, you'd be mistaken. Metrosexuality was big for a long time when the economy was booming and boys got pedicures. And we're glad to see the beef is chic again. This guy told us, "I love trap," and we weren't totally surprised. But he didn't seem like a meathead or anything. We asked him if he mostly didn't wear shirts at Ultra, he said, "No, I'm just hot as fuck. I do wear shirts, but not in this climate."

When questioned on whether he likes his muscles, he told us, "Yes. I do. I take much pride in them." As well he should.

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Bayfront Park

301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park

301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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Lynne Dear
Lynne Dear

I hope the city makes enough money to take care of all the lawsuits about to be filed....

Liz Tracy
Liz Tracy

Oh, if someone humps a tree, you know we'll find them.

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