Ultra 2014's Top Ten Fashion Trends: Unicorns, Muscles, and More!

Head cam! Our girl's the one on the left.

If you think rave culture is about the music or drugs, you're so very wrong. Above all, it's about the look. And at a rave: the freakier, the finer.

Year after year, fans of EDM and friends of Molly help the culture evolve with their fashion choices at Miami's Ultra Music Festival. Even though they come from all over the damn place, certain trends emerge as dominant. Styles from the '90s have returned in the 2010s, but tweaked by a millennial crowd. Muscles are back, as are Native American headdresses, and Manic Panic hair; the same but different.

We spoke with ten folks who sported the biggest fashion trends to emerge at Ultra 2014. They gave us a peek into the mind (and closet) of the freaky fine raver.


10. Weed Head
If there's one thing hippies, hipsters, ravers, and your mom can agree upon, it's that pot is fantastic.

Plenty of people were wearing their best leafy green getups at Ultra in homage to the highest herb. This Virginia gal didn't even fuck around with us. She said, straight up, she wore this outfit (picked up at Strange Vixens) because, "I like to smoke pot."

Her fashion advice to other Ultra-goers? "Less is better."


And how cute is this bow?

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Lynne Dear

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Liz Tracy

Oh, if someone humps a tree, you know we'll find them.

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