The Ten People You'll Meet Out in Hollywood, Florida

8. Circa 2005 Scene Kids
This group leapt straight out of MySpace and onto Hollywood Boulevard. They invade the ArtsPark at Young Circle with their lip rings and teased hair. Sauntering about in with their Warped Tour tees, time and space itself seems to bend. They congregate at Starbucks, parental cash in pocket ("For the food trucks, Mom!") to buy some dank weed from a 19-year-old they know in a ska band. Unless they're straight edge; then they just buy coffee.

7. 48 and Ready to Date
These singles are nearing 50 and won't waste any more time. They are perpetually sunburnt and lookin' for love in the smoking section. They rock an armband tattoo or two, and they love to get wasted on Coronas. Women and men alike, this type lingers outside of bars like Shenanigans till the wee hours. Their smokers' cough acts as a mating call, and everyone goes home lucky. Could it be love? They'll have to wait to find out on their date at the next Guns N' Roses show.

6. The Band Dad
Though he could definitely be friends with the above, he takes himself far more seriously. So what if he's settled, locked down at a steady job, and started a family? That doesn't mean he can't still ROCK OUT with his fellow Band Dads! His wife lets him practice with his friends far too often, and they take as many gigs as they can get. Playing bars in Lake Worth and Boca, he jams out to "the classics" while his friends and spouse get steadily drunk. Because guess what? They got a babysitter, bitches.

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