Pawn Shop Lounge Opens Tonight; We Scored Preview Photos!

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Ian Witlen

Tonight, the formerly bumping and alarmingly kitsch downtown Miami club Pawn Shop is opening its doors again in West Palm Beach. The old place was housed in an actual pawn shop and was very much one of the the finest club spots in South Florida for many years, hosting some of the wildest, most memorable parties. We remember going to its opening night and getting silly on free Bacardi, mesmerized by the active halfpipe out back. Now, it's a parking lot for the Arsht Center. But in its new spot at the former Dr. Feelgoods at 219 Clematis St., there's no chance Pawn Shop'll meet the same fate twice.

We were fortunate enough to catch a sneak peek of this newest Palm Beach County venue last night, the eve before the club opens to the public. We'll be reviewing tonight's opening and, thus, likely see you there. But to whet your palette beforehand, here are the preview photos of the seriously eye-catching, brand-spanking-new Pawn Shop.

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Ian Witlen

They promised a Ferris wheel, and they delivered. Three cars are mounted above one of the bars, and the others are impressively assembled as part of the VIP seating area. See below.

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Ian Witlen

Somebody get us VIP, please! (By the way, for VIP bottle service call Jonathon Duerr at 305-962-1876).

Ian Witlen

Just like at the old space, there's a real mile-high vibe.

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Pawn Shop Lounge

219 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, FL

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