Pawn Shop's Opening Night Brought Kitsch and Fun to Clematis (Photos)

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Ian Witlen

Toward the beginning of Miami DJ Ani Phearce's stint behind the Mac-truck-cab-turned-DJ-booth, a tongue-in-cheek selection of LMFAO's "I'm in Miami Bitch!" was equal parts homage and a playful reminder of the Pawn Shop Lounge's Dade County roots.

Ironic or not, it didn't seem to matter as the song was met with flailing arms, pursed lips, and enthusiastic fist pumps on the dance floor.

Thursday night, after the tornado warnings expired and street cleaning crews swept away fallen palm fronds and random debris from the storms, the much loved formerly Miami-based nightlife haunt, Pawn Shop, made its anticipated return to the club scene with a grand opening at 219 Clematis Street, in the former home of Dr. Feelgood's in West Palm Beach.

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Ian Witlen

Ian Witlen

While the rest of Clematis remained relatively quiet, given it was a weeknight, a steady stream of people came out to check out the new digs and see if the club had lost even a little bit of its grit since losing its home in an original seedy old pawn shop in Miami.

Promising to be a more like a "Pawnshop on steroids" by operating partner Paul Brown, moving crews kept the kitsch fully intact in the relocation to the northerly county, and designers added even more eclectic touches this time around. Owner Cleve Mash wanted to make the space as much as a "living piece of art" as possible.

Ian Witlen

The club's old school bus and PanAm fuselage are met with even more recycled modes of transportation inside, including the aforementioned Mac truck cab that is now a fully functioning, state of the art DJ booth and pieces of an old 1950s Rambler converted into a VIP area. There's even a gleaming, vintage Ferris wheel. Sadly, it's an art piece and not operational.

Opening night was stocked with well-wishers of all ages, sexy PanAm stewardess types that greeted guests at the entrance, and a good showing of press.

Ian Witlen

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Pawn Shop Lounge

219 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, FL

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Mike Watson
Mike Watson

Which one is Kitsch, and which one is Fun?

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