OFWGKTA's Taco: "At the End of the Day, Nobody Really Believed in Us"

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Taco and Tyler the Creator love each other.
OFWGKTA fans are well familiar with frontman Tyler the Creator, smooth crooner Frank Ocean, word murderer Earl Sweatshirt, etc., but there's one Odd Future character who's always defied explanation.

Who the fuck is this kid Taco, and what does he even do?

Taco admits he didn't do much of anything those first years of breaking stardom, but now, he's a grown-ass man. He's 19, only for a couple more months, mind you, and he made enough money from Adult Swim's Loiter Squad to pay his car note and his parents' bills.

Now, he pulls his weight as the official tour DJ for both Tyler and Earl, and in preparation of the shit-show Tyler and Taco are bringing to Revolution on Wednesday, we spoke with the youngest OF member about old people, following your dreams, and growing up (sort of).

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You're doing super well for yourselves, and deservedly so. When you guys were growing up, were there teachers or adults in your life that would tell you that you were fucking up and to get your shit together?
Of course. At the end of the day, nobody really believed in us. The people who believed in us are the people who are still with us, and the people who didn't got left behind.

Recently, I was going to pick up my friend Julian from his school, and I drove by my middle school and was like, "I'm going to go say hi to my teachers." None of the teachers know who the fuck I am. Everybody's like, "I don't remember you." It's a group of kids following me, and then I go to one teacher's room and he's like, "Who are you?" I'm like, "You don't remember me?" He's like, "No," I was like, "You remember Justin Tremain?" "Yeah, of course; who doesn't?" I'm like, "I was in that class." He's like, "What's your name?" and I was like "Travis." He's like, "No, don't remember." Then, another teacher walked up who was one of my favorite teachers, and she called me Trayvon. I was like, "Nope, not that one." Then she tried some other name that didn't even sound like my name, and then I was like, "No, Travis," and she's like, "Yeah, Syd's little brother." And then he was like, "Holy shit!" in front of a bunch of kids. He's like, "What the hell?" Then this kid goes, "He's famous! You don't know?" And he's like "What do you do?" And I said "I'm in a group?" He said, "What?" I said, "Odd Future." He was like, "You're in Odd Future?" He kept repeating it. It was tight.

The best part of the story is, I saw another teacher named Mrs. Garret who was the coolest teacher when I was younger and loved me when I was in fuckin' eighth grade. I saw her, and she was like, "Travis, wow, how are you doing?" I was like, "Great." She was like, "How's everything? Are you done with high school?" I said, "Actually, I dropped out of high school, but I made a living. I'm good." She said something about how I'm living and what I'm doing with my money, and I was like, "I'm good, I'm really just paying for bills for my parents and stuff because I like to be generous," and then she said a fucking comment that pissed me off. She was like, "Your parents should be responsible enough to take care of themselves." I was like, "I can't just give them money because I want to give them money because they birthed me, you asshole?" Like, bitch, leave me alone!

At what point when you guys were coming up did you turn from just having fun to thinking it could be something serious?
I don't take shit serious, one, and it was never a question to us. It was always like, we're going to do this, and we're going to get money, and we're going to be rich rappers. For me, it was more like, "Ima just sit here and do whatever the fuck I want to do and smile," and that's how it worked.

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