Laz Rodriguez on His Electronic Party D-ick, Doing Drugs, and Miami's Freak Scene

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Do people do a lot of drugs at D-ick?
People do a lot of drugs in Miami. The first party, there was a drug dealer who lives (near the party). He came over and there was this table just full of Quaaludes and yay. It was crazy.

What do you like about drugs?
It's a Miami thing for sure. People go out at two. Shit doesn't close until the next day. If you're going to go out you need something. I smoke. I don't drink beer to get drunk, like I don't go to bars for that. That's how I justify it.

Coke? That's what people do here?
Basically, basically. It's easier to get than weed. Stuff comes in through here. People won't deliver weed but they'll deliver that. It's Miami. People come for vacation. They got money and then they leave. They trash it and they go.

What do you love about Miami?
I love the immigrants and the struggle and how real it is. At least on this side. I love how party it is. People are usually aggressive and keep to themselves, but are respectful at the same time. I like people that are real and there's a lot of realness here. It's still a young city. I keep myself in check here.

What's the next D-ick?
I want to do the next one at 8th Street, at a really dark, seedy Latin bar. I'll do a party anywhere.

Reed Dunlea is the host of Distort Jersey City on WFMU. Follow him on the only form of social media that matters: Instagram username DISTORTREEDDUNLEA.

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