Lake Worth Native Campaigns to Turn Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home Into Museum

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Jaime Dunkle

This past September, in the same month that marked the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's final studio album, In Utero, Kurt Cobain's mom announced that she was putting the Aberdeen, Wash., home where Kurt spent much of his adolescence on the market for a whopping $500,000.

It was just one of a handful of recent and weird headlines involving the legendary grunge frontman. For instance, the former "roommate" who was selling Kurt's skis and phone in a bizarre but humorous Seattle Craigslist post (read about it on Stereogum). And the unveiling of a weeping Kurt Cobain statue by Aberdeen's mayor during the inaugural Kurt Cobain Day. All of this led up to the 20th anniversary of the singer's untimely death next month.

But the sale of the grunge god's childhood home was more than a random news headline to Lake Worth native turned Portland resident Jaime Dunkle. After hearing that the 1.5-story bungalow Cobain lived in on and off until he was 20 years old was on the market, the 33-year-old journalist started plotting how she could help preserve it and turn it into a museum.

Jaime Dunkle

For the generation of Nirvana fans who were adolescents themselves when Cobain died, the idea of having a permanent spot to visit, memorialize, and enter a total time warp where Cobain spent his angsty youth is much cooler than seeing his mementos sprawled out at a Hard Rock Café. It's also decidedly much, much cooler than making the trek to the multimillion-dollar Seattle mansion he shared with Courtney Love -- although that location still attracts fans regularly.

If Dunkle gets her wish, Cobain's childhood home will be a full-on museum -- complete with his old mattress in the attic and handwritten band scrawls of Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin on the walls.

Jaime Dunkle

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