11 Best St. Patrick's Day Parties in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

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Monica McGivern
All holidays are great, simply because they offer the few times of year it's socially acceptable to get sloshed in public with some sort of theme garb on. And on St. Paddy's Day, things get very serious with required inebriation and expected spit-swapping upon finding other drunk folks wearing shirts like: "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" and "I'm Not Irish But Kiss Me Anyway."

So, whether you are trying to get a keg's worth of green beer to yourself, smooch a leprechaun, a Bono-alike, or simply gnaw on some corned beef and cabbage, we compiled a list of the ten best parties in Broward and Palm Beach counties this weekend. Happy St. Party's, er, St. Paddy's Day everyone!

1. Murphy's Law Block Party: A Saint Patrick's Day Celebration
11 a.m., Saturday, March 15 to 17, at Murphy's Law, 5703 Seminole Way, Hollywood.
Entrance is free. Call 954-791-4782, or visit themurphyslaw.com.

U2 tours in April, but you want to get your Irish band fix on St. Paddy's because what's more Irish than Bono? Enter U2 by UV, a tribute band guaranteed to give you your "Sunday Bloody Sunday" fix. It doesn't hurt that the lead singer looks like Bono's long lost twin either.

Also, accompanying this rockin cover band are the step dancers of Drake School of Irish Dance and Havoc 305 Band with DJ Malone and bagpipers. The party starts Saturday and continues through to Monday, the holiday proper.

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2. The Pub
Monday, March 17, at The Pub, 237 SW 145th Terr., Pembroke Pines. Call 954-430-4230 or visit pembrokegardens.com/the-pub/.

Celebrate in total Irish fashion at the Pub in Pembroke Gardens where there are the drinking is cheap and the celebrations are plenty! Start off with $2 jello shots and $3 green beer. If you feel up to it (and you better, wussy), Irish Singers & Jameson Shots are $5 and Paddy Shots are $4. Guess it's safe to say you won't have to blow your entire paycheck at this place, huh?

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