Palm Beach Rapper Croosh: "I Really Don't Like Corny, White Voices in Hip-Hop"

How much of your time as a kid was spend playing Crash Bandicoot?
(Laughs) Quite a bit actually. One of my favorite games for Playstation and Playstation 2 definitely is Crash Bandicoot. I'm also a huge Twisted Metal fan, but Crash Bandicoot is my heart. I look at myself as kind of like a crazy animal similar to that, say like, exotic. I'm not your typical rapper, and I don't think the bandicoot is a typical animal you'll see everyday. I gravitate towards him as a character. And I also got a couple of Crash Bandicoot samples flipped by a couple different producers right now for a project called Crash Bandicoot.

You're about to drop Luftmensch in April. What's the reason for the quick turn-around?
I really enjoy Cloudless Night, and I had been working on the project for around two and a half years, and so I felt that was long overdue to put out, and I needed to put that out, and I think the time was right when I released it. I got a couple videos probably being shot soon. One for "O.E." and the other one for "Silver Moon." And so just trying to get that done and now the fact that it's out, it was more of something I needed, just therapeutic, very therapeutic for me. As far as Luftmensch goes, I probably have two other EPs that I'll be releasing after that. I'm trying to build up my collection of music. I want to be the most versatile artist period.

The definition of "luftmensch" is an impractical, contemplative person with little to no means of income. And I feel that's the complete definition of a rapper and what my parents think a rapper is. And so, with that project, I'm just going to be spitting a lot of raps. It's not going to be as conceptual. I want to fall into the stereotype of being a rapper who just spits bars, and I feel like it's just a whole different side of my music, just having a good time rapping. I feel like a lot of people have kind of lost that love for rap and really looked for more substance.

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