Bob Saget: "We All Just Want to Date Twin-Sister Beauty Queens"

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Some people will always see Bob Saget as Danny Tanner, the lovable, cardigan-wearing neat freak who raised the most adorable little white girls to come out of the '90s on the sitcom Full House.

Saget doesn't mind that. In fact, he embraces it. He recently filmed a Super Bowl commercial with Full House alumnae John Stamos and Dave Coulier and recently had a reunion with the two on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. He also just finished his first book, Dirty Daddy, which will be released April 8. After that, he's hopping on a plane for his first Australian theater tour in May.

But before all that, Saget is stopping by one of his favorite venues, the West Palm Beach Improv, for some sun, comedy, and poop jokes.

New Times: So you, Dave, and John were just in a Super Bowl commercial not too long ago. Was that fun to shoot?
Bob Saget
: Yeah, it was really funny. We did two of them; they're running the second one now. The whole exercise was -- and they shot like B-roll and C-roll -- and all it is is Dave Coulier farting and us laughing. You know, it's just weird. We did that show together, and we have this brotherly kind of thing. We can't even look at each other anymore and not laugh. Or get livid if Dave farts in front of other people and stinks the world up. It's all a 12-year-old mentality. But it was quite a lot of fun.

I loved the reunion you guys did on Jimmy Fallon too. I saw you guys looking at each other, and it looked like you were really struggling not to crack up.
I'm not a cracker-upper normally. I am if I can't remember anything, but they had stuff written on cue cards, so I was fine. I wish Full House had cue cards. We could have been on another eight years! [laughs] It's hard to remember dialogue that might be deemed sappy by some people. But I guess the look of us wanting to crack up was just the look of, "Holy crap, that was 25 years ago, and here we are standing here." And Full House became something. It became this thing of legendary television. So I think the joke of it was -- for all three of our perspectives -- "You're the two chuckleheads who did this with me." It's a privilege that people love it the way they love it. When I was a kid, it was Brady Bunch and Happy Days, so now we're that.

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Palm Beach Improv at CityPlace

550 S. Rosemary Ave., West Palm Beach, FL

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Jonathan Parmet
Jonathan Parmet

I still suffer flashbacks from his horrible attempt at comedy on AFV.

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